1.     All decisions on board are taken by the captain. 

2.     Disrespectful and defiant behavior on DanEri yachts boards is strictly prohibited. If this is noticed, the captain has every right to remove the client from the cruise without money refund.

3.     In connection with the situation with SARS-Cov-2, we inform you that our team has followed the necessary courses to ensure the safest conditions on the yacht. As precaution matter, we also measure the temperature of each guest of the cruise before boarding, in case when it is increased (more than 37.8) person is not allowed on board. Service by personnel is carried out in protective masks. We recommend using masks while on board, and also ask you to keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

4.     Parents are required to comply with safety requirements by themselves and make sure that their children are following given rules. Avoid running around in dangerous places, do not leave children unattended for even a minute. Use life vests. When leaving small children to sleep in the cabin, make sure that they do not fall out of bed and that loose objects cannot fall on them. Parents or plenipotentiaries of minors are fully responsible for the safety of their children on the yacht.

5.     Life vests are located in a drawer outside next to the table. We recommend wearing life jackets when the catamaran heading to its destination for the entire route (both directions), especially when the sea is rough. For children under 16 years old, wearing a life jacket while the yacht is moving is mandatory.

6.     Be careful while moving around the boat, especially with wet feet, as you can slip and get injured. The surface of the catamaran is covered with a special anti-slip layer; however, this is not 100% protection against falling. Moving on a yacht in shoes is prohibited for the same reasons. Shoes can be left in a special basket before boarding. Running and jumping on the deck is strictly prohibited. When moving around the deck, be sure to hold onto handles and ropes.

7.     Jumping from the yacht’s board into the water is possible only with captain permission and onlyfrom specially designated place. It is strictly forbidden to jump or somehow climb onto the solar battery.

8.     Jumping on the net in front of the catamaran is strictly prohibited. The net may tear during strong jumps.

9.     During the time when yacht is moving, personal belongings (e.g. clothes, towels etc.) are to be placed in cabins’ wardrobes.

10.  Keep all valuables (money, jewels, documents, etc.) safely with you.  DanEri yachts is notresponsible for items loss or damages. 

11.  It is forbidden to throw into toilet toilet paper or any other hygiene items. Otherwise, the toilet becomes clogged. Please use a trash bin for these purposes.

12.  For fire safety reasons, smoking inside the yacht as well as during yacht’ movement is strictlyprohibited. During stop over, smoking is possible in a specially designated place only after captain’s approval. 

13.  For safety reasons, the usage of any food and drinks brought with you on board is prohibited. If you have a prescription for any special diet, please consult with the captain first.

14.  Actively use sunscreens! For safety reasons, applying a cream, spray is only possible on deck.

15.  The use of the shower is possible upon request from the captain.

16.  It is strictly forbidden to enter cabins and inside sitting area being wet. Please dry out first. 

17.  While staying in the bay, you will have the opportunity to swim ashore of uninhabited Dia island. Please do not do this without special shoes in order to avoid injuries, cuts or not to get injured by stepping on sea urchin.

18.  When the yacht is moving, it is forbidden to sit on the edge with legs hanging in the sea.

19.  All the inventory received during cruise (masks, flippers, tubes, towels, glasses, inflatable toys, sup board, etc.,) must be returned in its original condition to the catamaran team. In the event of a breakdown or loss of inventory, the client agrees to reimburse the cost of this item.

20.  Photo and video made during cruise can be used for company’s promotion in social media. Incase you do not agree with it, please inform the captain in advance.

21.  Price list with extra services and drinks can be requested from the captain.

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