In all our yacht cruises, there are several leisure hours. We offer entertainment accessories on water that both adult & child will like. You don't need to be a professional athlete to go swimming. On board, equipment for outdoor enthusiasts & those who want to relax. 

For children and those who feel insecure on the water, we have prepared swimming «assistants».

Comfortable armbands for kids, life jackets for adults. And swimming macarons for everyone, flexible colorful toys that will help you to stay on the water.

Water carpet

New accessory ― perfect solution, to have fun in the sea with the whole family. Four-meter carpet, there is plenty of space for everyone. It is big, light & maneuverable.

Sway on the waves while sunbathing. Drift along the bay. Or just go crazy with the kids. After all, you have a family holiday on a yacht.

Floating unicorn & flamingo

Audience favorites and regular heroes of photo shoots. They easily awake fantasy & creativity.

Comfortable for children and those who don't swim well. Use them as huge lifebuoy. Sunbathe on them as on floating lounger. Or ask captain to take a picture of you - he is the master.

Enjoy the sea with us!