Perfect vacation is the gentle sun, warm sea and of course delicious food. 

Cretan cuisine is considered the most ancient and healthy due to the abundance of vegetables, olive oil, seafood. During our yachting tours you can taste Crete.

Sailing begins with an acquaintance. While the captain tells about boat and safety rules, you will be treated with freshly brewed coffee or tea, traditional cheese pies (tyropitakia) and biscuits.

Due to catamaran’s design construction, seasickness is not a common thing. However, just in case, we have Greek flavors' caramels on board (EG with Ouzo, anise brandy, national treasure of Greece).

Lunch is part of every sailing trip from Heraklion and Hersonissos that starts in the morning. At first, dried bread sticks (kritsinia) with famous tzatziki are served. Then, follows well-known Greek salad

and Bio salad with avocado and nuts. Main dish - grilled bream from the morning catch and homemade lasagna with spinach. For dessert, delicious homemade Banoffee or cheesecake and seasonal fruits. And finally, digestive for adults - aromatic raki.

On the evening Comfort, dinner awaits everyone. Vegetable salad with local feta and olive oil, grilled sea bream,

homemade cake and fresh fruits for dessert. On Sunset cruise - plate with goat and sheep cheese & light snacks for wine.

For children, nuggets or pasta. If a kid eats something special, just let us know in advance, and his/hers favorite dish will be on the table. We gladly take into account gastronomic preferences of the parents as well. We cook for vegetarians

and for those who do not eat gluten.

During the trip you can choose any soft drink: cola, soda, fanta, juice, mineral or drinking water. Adult passengers can enjoy white wine and beer. For those who prefer stronger alcohol, there is a bar on board with Metaxa, whiskey and other spirits. They are not included in the cruise price, you will need to pay extra.

Products for our sea trips we purchase from local farmers, and we declare with confidence that everything that our guests eat is fresh and healthy.

Enjoy the meal!