During our boat trips from Crete, every guest will find something to his / her liking: fishermen, lovers of sunbathing and fooling around in the waves, SUP-athletes and those who are engaged in snorkeling. For private yacht cruises from Heraklion and Hersonissos ports we have a special device, that makes sailing especially interesting. Sea scooter. It is also called DPV (Diver propulsion vehicle).

As it turned out, this fashionable devise was invented a long time ago, during the Second World War. It was helping divers to stay longer under the water with cargo and dive faster to a greater depth. Nowadays, it is a popular accessory for diving and snorkeling. It allows moving at an accelerated pace on the surface and under the water.

Its usage is easy: just hold on to the handles, set the direction, control the speed. It is small and light, only 5 kilograms and develops speed up to 4 km/h. Enjoy the underwater views longer and be less tired.

The sea scooter is included in yacht rental, you do not need to pay extra for it. To master its navigation, make a couple of test swims. You will see how convenient is it. Even children will be able to use it, please do not leave them unattended though.

If you are not confident swimmer, please wear life jacket or armbands that we provide on board.

We have chosen Yamaha explorer. It is reliable, maneuverable, easy to operate. There is a camera mount for filming your adventures.

Let's have some fun!