A good way to diversify your leisure beach vacations and gain a lot of new experiences

Sun, sea, yacht— picture of perfect holiday on Crete. Make it unforgettable experience, by joining our day cruises. We offer great onboard entertainment like snorkeling for example.

What is this

Snorkeling— type of underwater swimming with snorkel. It differs from diving by small diving depth and simple equipment.

Gain double pleasure: have a luxury cruise on yacht and see with your own eyes the beauty of the underwater world.

What is required

No heavy equipment in your luggage - we will provide everything you need:

- snorkels — to breathe;

- masks — to observe nimble fishes;

- fins — to feel yourself like fish in water 

Who is it for

When snorkeling, you dive to a depth of 5-10 meters, therefore it is suitable for both experienced free-divers and beginners. The main things that you need to able to:

- use snorkel and mask— you can check the tutorial before, or we will give a few tips on board;

- hold your breath — a deep breath is required when diving;

- swim good — after all, it is open sea.

Why with us

We conduct luxury cruises and guarantee everyone an unforgettable sailing experience: 

- boat trips from Hersonissos and Heraklion on comfortable vessels;

- leisure activities: fishing, SUP paddling, snorkeling;

- modern equipment - short swim fins, full-face masks, snorkels;

- delicious Mediterranean cuisine;

- we will surround you with care and attention.

Sail with DanEri Yachts - together towards new adventures!