Special menu

Especially for our sea excursions, we have created a Mediterranean menu to introduce guests to traditional Cretan cuisine. However, there are times when you want to pamper yourself with something special. We are happy to help you with this.

Lunch or dinner, composed of unusual, gourmet dishes, can turn an individual yacht cruise into a real fairy tale. Take for example, famous Cretan seafood. We can serve lobster, octopus, shrimps, squids or oysters to make the trip not only exciting, but also especially delicious.

We have a special offer for kosher devotees. The menu includes salad, fish, vegetables, fruits. To prepare all of it, we use a separate board, knife and utensils, as well as we follow all necessary rules for storing the food and ready dishes.

Celebration on a yacht often requires an unusual treat. We are happy to fulfill wishes of our guests: to cover the table with lobsters, to bake a 3-tier cake, to serve restaurant-level dishes, anything you might like.

Share your plans when filling out the application. We will calculate the cost and help you make your sailing trip unforgettable.

We know how to organize the perfect vacation!

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