Mediterranean vacation ― not just sunbathing and excursions. Fishing on Crete appeals to both professionals and to those who takes a fishing rod for the first time.

Features of Cretan fisheries

Several methods are practiced on the island. Locals are often fishing from the shore, however water is clear, fish is careful and it is difficult to catch it. Mullet, bream, sea bass and a dozen other local species are caught this way.

The most promising catching method - from the boat. To try one of the best fishing in Mediterranean, rent a yacht and head out to sea. Fishing from a boat is almost a 100% guarantee of the catch, although it will most likely be small. The season lasts from June to August.

Types of board fishing

Experienced anglers prefer spinning with a small hook.

The most usual bait is shrimp.

Trolling is considered a real adventure. Fishing from a moving vessel captures more space and increases the chances of capturing trophies. Trolling ― lottery, you can return with nothing or catch something massive. Experienced fishermen talk about the caught 21 kg tuna.

Opinions over best trolling bait are decided. Some consider the best option to use wobblers and spinners. Others recognize only live bait: shrimp or squid. On DanEri board we have prepared necessary for successful fishing tackles and baits. Fish during stop at Dia Bay or try your luck at trolling, while sailing to the island. On individual trips we can even cook your prey.

With us, fishing luck will definitely smile at you!