The popularity of stand up paddle boarding has skyrocketed over the past decade. It’s hard to believe that this invention is more than one hundred years old. During DanEri Yachts yachting cruises from Crete you will be able to master this sport.


The main advantage of SUP usage is that no special training is required. Anyone can get on board: starting from a six-year old child to a senior. Board paddling is great work out for all muscle groups, comparable with a long walk. An hour of touring in calm water at a speed of 5 km/h burns up to 700 kcal.

Tips for the beginners

There are few secrets to make SUP to surrender:

- Relax: the less fear, the better body listens;

- You will certainly fall into water, at least once: be ready for this, if you know how to swim, you are not in danger. If you are not confident swimmer, no worries, we have life jackets for everyone;

- Use good quality equipment: for our catamarans Lagoon we have purchased SUPs of the Cohete and RRD brands, which are well-known for their reliability and premium quality.

How to make your stand up paddle experience unforgettable

Here are some ideas that can turn paddle boarding on sailing trip from Heraklion into a real adventure:

- During cruise Comfort AM try SUP-fishing. Just drop the rod off the board and keep paddling until fish bites the bait. Exciting impressions are sure catch; 

- On Sunset go on SUP-excursion. Towards mysterious shores and new discoveries; 

- If you chose Comfort PM trip, arrange a SUP-picnic on water. Take some fruits, drinks and swim to the place where you can enjoy the sea views and relax.

See you on board!