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Traveling is one of the great experiences in people’s life. Impressions from a successful vacation we always want to keep with us. Imagine, how wonderful will be on gray winter day to glance through summer shots, to «take out» a piece of turquoise sea with salty splashes and the surf’s whisper. «Breathe in» the fresh sea breeze and smile. And this is possible. All is needed – to have a photo session on a yacht.

A photograph that «breathes» and brings back emotions from a journey, is not just a good shot. This is the result of a lot of work. Finding ideal shooting location, time, planning details, choosing poses. Trust a professional photographer, and he will capture bright, colorful photos that will always vividly remind you of this yacht sailing. Combine his skills and your ideas, and exclusive shots will be born.

Girls love romantic photo shoots: they look unusually feminine against the gear or at the helm. Add breeze, fluttering dress and hair. Sun playing on metal parts. A winning angle and a beautiful pose, suggested by the master. And you will receive stunning shots.

Wedding photo session is a separate type of photographic art. One of the happiest days of your family. A photographer will set the light so that the background will become more voluminous, the sky – more expressive, and the colors – more saturated. He will capture the most important and romantic moments of the wedding to keep them forever.

Family photo shoot while sailing on a yacht or a celebration – a wonderful opportunity to make great photos together. Invite a photographer and you won’t have to take turns capturing pictures of each other, just relax and enjoy your special day. And, in the meantime, the pro will not miss your baby’s face shining with delight, or your cloudless smile when you look at him / her.

It is better to order a professional photo session on individual tour, so that cruise’s route and the time of stops are planned according to your schedule. We cooperate with the best photographers on Crete and will help you find a specialist whose work will excite you for years to come. State your wishes, and we will definitely make them come true.

We know how to save every moment of your sailing experience!

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