Symbolic wedding

Wedding ceremony is special event, and it is only logical that we want to make it different from others. A wedding on a yacht will be a day to remember. On DanEri’s sailing trip you can also renew the vows or celebrate an anniversary.

Our company can assist you with the organization of official registration. However, it is associated with great documents’ hassle, permissions & translations and cost a lot more than symbolic ceremony. Usually couples get married at their home and come to Crete for celebration.

The yacht for the event can be rented for half a day or for the whole day. Or you can hire skippered boat for a few days and after the party go on a honeymoon trip in Greece. Visit other islands, such as romantic Santorini. Or plan the route with the places you always wanted to see. Fill up the album with first family photographs from the most picturesque locations. Stop at harbors for shopping or sightseeing. Meet sunset in open sea. Romance! We will arrange the perfect celebration. Among our possibilities:

  • Organization of classic ceremony or themed party.
  • Deck decoration with flowers or rose petals.
  • The arch installation.
  • Professional photographer.
  • Order of a bridal bouquet and a boutonniere for the groom.
  • A hairdresser and a make-up artist.
  • Compilation of festive menu with reference to your favorite dishes.
  • A wedding cake baking.
  • Firework launching.

Everything depends on your fantasy and budget.

State your preferences in the form below, we will calculate the cost and help you to have an ideal wedding party.

Be happy!

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